“It is more than just building great software, it is about creating solutions that meet or exceed the needs of our customers.”

The Company

Progeny Software Inc. has been building innovative software since it was founded by Bob Thomas and a business partner in February 1995. With over 24 software titles released under the Progeny brand and a growing number of custom software solutions for select clients, Progeny has continued to innovate and adapt to market needs over the past 20 years.

Progeny’s team of creative software developers has a proven track record in delivering high quality tools to a wide range of industries including consumer product companies such as Corel Corp and large international enterprises such as Thomson Reuters. Progeny’s flagship product, Timeline Maker Pro (www.timelinemaker.com) is used by investigators and planners in over 84 countries and includes among its user base a wide variety of companies in all industry sectors, including transportation, energy, finance, manufacturing, health care, law enforcement and education.

With all this experience and skill, Progeny is very good at building software. We really enjoy what we do. But it is more than just building great software, it is about creating solutions that meet or exceed the needs of our customers – that is what really gives us our kicks. As a result we have earned a reputation for a quality product and superior customer service.

It comes down to the business value that our software skills bring to the table. Whether it is creating new capabilities, streamlining operations, saving time and/or money or helping to create competitive advantage, adding value is what drives our team to do what we have done for over 20 years.

The Progeny Team

Led by co-founder and IT management consultant, Bob Thomas, Progeny’s team includes a core group of versatile software developers supported by other IT professionals who have deep experience in requirements analysis, software design, project management, QA testing, customer service, web development and Internet marketing. We have been honing our craft for many years and this experience is evident in the efficiency and thoughtful enthusiasm with which we take on new projects. As with any successful company we continue to develop our knowledge and skills to make sure we are applying the right technologies and methodologies to match the needs of our customers.

Senior Management

Bob Thomas - President and CEO

Bob Thomas
President & CEO

Bob has spent more than 30 busy years in the information technology industry working with both large corporations as well as small/medium sized enterprises in a variety of business sectors. With a degree in Computer Science backed by years of business experience, Bob has established a career-long record for innovation, accountability and solid results. Bob’s passion for designing software solutions that "work for people" has led him to push the traditional boundaries by seeking innovative and practical ways to use information technology that solves real world business problems. Adhering to these core principles, Bob started his own successful consulting practice in 1992 followed by co-founding Progeny Software Inc. in 1995. Bob takes a hands-on approach to getting things done and his responsibilities at Progeny include business/product development and project management, a role in which he has formed many partnerships, managed collaborative projects, and negotiated licensing deals with major entities such as Corel Corp and Thomson Reuters. As a project manager, Bob is dedicated to going the extra mile to deliver what the customer really needs. This springs from his personal values of meeting or exceeding expectations. He gets a real kick out of building software that makes a real difference.

Chris Payson - CTO

Chris Payson
Chief Technology Officer

Chris is an accomplished senior software developer and the company's technical lead with over 14 years experience building many applications and products at Progeny Software. Shortly after joining Progeny, Chris cut his teeth on the early prototype version of what eventually became our most successful product, Timeline Maker Pro, which continues to grow under Chris’ strong technical leadership. Always seeking a new challenge, Chris has gone on to develop similar competencies with mobile and browser-based applications backed by both private server installations and the Cloud. A creative problem solver with an insatiable appetite for all things IT, Chris’ chief role is to provide technical leadership and guidance through all stages of the development life cycle from early conceptual design through to final deployment.

Core Technical Competencies

For some, it is not enough to simply say we build great software and that we have the technical know-how to do it well. In addition to essential skills such as requirements analysis, design, estimating, and project management, here is a list of key technical skills for the tech savvy among you:






Company incorporation


First product launch, PAF*Mate a Windows based charting companion for family history and genealogy


License deal with Corel Corp to bring new Family Publisher to 15,000 outlets in North America


Licensed charting technology to LDS Church as a companion to one of world’s most popular genealogy programs, selling tens of thousands of copies each year for over 10 years


Named one of Canada's 200 leading software and service companies by the Branham Group and the Financial Post Magazine


First to publish 55 million records of US Social Security Death Index on a single CD-ROM using proprietary data compression technology


Commissioned by LDS Church to develop family tree data collection and production system (initially on CD-ROM then DVD)


First overseas play, a French language version of popular Genelines software launched in France


Introduced Progeny’s Timeline Maker v1.0 (prototype)


Launched Progeny's Timeline Maker v2.0 for general consumer & business markets


Produced 100th CD-ROM of linked family trees for FamilySearch.org, totaling over 100 million individuals since project start in 1999


Launched Timeline Maker Professional v1.0


Became corporate sponsor for National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) providing Timeline Maker to investigators in the field


Launched Timeline Maker Professional v2.0


Launched Timeline Maker Student for education market


Licensed timeline charting technology to Thomson Reuters (West) for world-wide legal market


Re-focus on business software market by spinning off genealogy products division to separate company, Progeny Genealogy Inc. (www.progenygenealogy.com)


Launched Express Timelines product for niche market trial


Developed first iPhone and Android app (www.ybkb.com)


Established partnership with local energy management company to co-develop a universal monitoring, analysis and control system for H/VAC and other commercial applications


Developed custom browser based management accountability and tracking tool for use by all managers of Annapolis Valley District Health Authority


Developed custom software system for Centralized Surgical Services Program to decrease wait times for WCB clients requiring orthopedic surgery in Nova Scotia


Created third party iPhone/Android app, a street smart guide for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil


Implemented Premium support service with customer self-service portal for submission and tracking of product support tickets


Timeline Maker Pro v3. Major upgrade featuring project charts and business timescales plus a redesigned GUI similar to MS Office.


Timeline Maker Pro boasts new Windows 10 compatibility.


Investment in technology and training to develop first cloud application that runs seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices (all screen sizes) with single code base.


Expanded corporate partnership program with National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. http://www.missingkids.org/CorporatePartners


Developed enterprise edition of SAAS sales accountability and performance tracking solution (desktop and mobile) for client in the automotive industry.


New Lifecycle Chart with first implementation of 3rd party solution for interactive presentation of IP patent portfolio's.


Timeline Maker Pro v4. Major upgrade featuring new theme management tools and integration with MS Project.