With a pedigree that includes over 24 commercial software products with the Progeny brand, our team of creative software developers has a proven track record for delivering high quality commercial products to a wide range of industries including consumer product companies such as Corel Corp and large international enterprises like Thomson Reuters.

But it requires more than awesome programmers to take a product from idea to market. Over the years, Progeny has assembled a talented team well versed in product management, UI design, QA testing, product marketing, and customer service.

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Progeny's flagship product, Timeline Maker Pro is the timeline creation tool of choice for investigators, planners and business professionals in over 84 countries and includes among its user base a wide variety of organizations in all industry sectors, including transportation, energy, finance, manufacturing, entertainment, health care, law enforcement and education.

Featured Software - Timeline Maker

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Customer Feedback

"I manage the IT organization and a lot of our work is project driven so I leverage the tool to allow people to visualize all the projects that may be going on at once."

Ingra C.
IT Manager, Texas Instruments

"I use Timeline Maker to graphically represent the sequence of events in criminal investigations. I have found that prosecutors and juries are riveted by seeing the events of a crime shown in chronological order especially when pictures are added."

Special Agent Jon C.
Special Victims Unit, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

"It was a pleasure to deal with a company (and its people) where the customer receives such a high priority."

Donald V.
Toronto, Ontario

"I like the simplicity of Timeline Maker. I can show someone how to use it in less than 5 minutes. Entry is fast - I create schedules while we are in a meeting and change it in real time - no more capturing from the white board after the meeting. The presentation capability is perfect - you can create various views off the same data, use colors to highlight your message and print or present the result with the press of a button."

Karl F., Programme Integration Manager
Standard Bank Corporate and Investment Banking