Progeny Software Inc.

More than just an approach – a mission.

Progeny Software provides visual analysis and presentation tools for the professional and consumer markets. An expert in developing software that meet a market demand and work seamlessly with an array of applications, Progeny has built a reputation for providing best of breed solutions in both markets.
Good software design is about building a visual experience in which the user can move quickly and easily through a chosen task with effective results. Progeny understands this goal and every solution is based on its commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of the end user.


With more than 25 years’ developing and commercializing desktop, mobile, and browser-based applications, the folks at Progeny have always delivered fresh results and reliable solutions. Fueled by experience, know-how, and some serious creativity, Progeny has been building innovative software since it was founded by President & CEO, Bob Thomas and Pierre Clouthier in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1995. With over 24 software titles released under the brand, Progeny has continued to innovate and adapt to the market’s ever-evolving needs.
Progeny Software originally gained its footing developing a large number of charting products for the genealogy industry and in the process partnered with many genealogy companies in North America and overseas, including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and This portfolio of genealogy tools were moved to a sister company also located in the Nova Scotia and still operating under the name of Progeny Genealogy Inc.
Over its long tenure, Progeny’s team has been known to deliver high-quality tools for a wide range of companies such as Corel Corp and large international enterprises like Thomson Reuters. Their flagship product, Timeline Maker Pro has been used in over 84 countries in the law enforcement, health care, armed services, energy, finance, manufacturing, and education sectors, to name but a few.
No longer a key focus but an important part of the companies’ evolution, Progeny has also developed custom software solutions for regional and international entities, including business applications for Nova Scotia Health, a mobile app for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and energy management software for a local enterprise.
To Progeny, it’s more than just building great software, it’s about creating solutions that meet or even better, exceed the needs of our customers.
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