Custom Software Solutions for Business

Progeny Software has an established track record for building relevant and creative solutions for business and business professionals across a wide variety of industries.
Recent examples of bespoke solutions for select clients:

Approach 360 Enterprise™

Progeny Software was engaged to develop an enterprise version of this Auto Dealer Performance Analytics software.
Built on a scalable cloud-based platform the new responsive design included many new graphics and charting options to support enterprises of any size including; individual dealers, groups and OEMs with local, regional, national, international and global options.

Centralized Surgical Services Program (CSSP)

This browser-based management information system was built from the ground up by Progeny Software to support the goals of Nova Scotia Health and the Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia (WCBNS) to reduce wait times for surgical consultations and services for injured workers.
Designed to capture and track all aspects of a client’s case from referral to post-surgery and every step in between this solution includes a variety of case and progress reports, performance metrics as well as service details required for payment to surgeons.

BrazilSmart (featured mobile app)

Launched for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, BrazilSmart is a third-party mobile app developed by Progeny Software for a Canadian client and runs as a native app on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
Based on the award-winning Scam-Detector app, the largest fraud prevention resource in the mobile world, BrazilSmart protects tourists by exposing all the scams they could fall victim to during their stay in Brazil.
BrazilSmart is also the best street-smart guide for travelers, educating users about all the major Brazilian cities, featuring over 600 attractions to visit, and providing a dictionary of common phrases in Portuguese as well as information about the best restaurants and bars.